Unleash Your Magnificence

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An interactive workbook guide for healing your wounds, discovering your purpose, and manifesting your big dreams.

The Unleash Your Magnificence Workbook is your guide to discovering what makes you magical and manifesting a life that’s not just full but overflowing with goodness. Filled with tons of thought-provoking journaling prompts, the purpose and intention of the 80+ page digital workbook is to bring you back into alignment with your truth and with what your soul truly desires. You’ll go on a journaling journey of healing the wounds that are blocking you from flourishing, releasing fear, unleashing the magnificence within you, and learning how to design a life you are absolutely obsessed with.

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Heal Your Wounds.

Find Your Truth.

Live Your Dream.

Are You Ready To..

  • Experience next-level self-love
  • Heal the wounds that are holding you back
  • Discover your higher purpose and passion
  • Transform your pain into your power
  • Bust through your fears
  • Create a crystal clear vision for your future
  • Learn how to manifest anything you want
  • Take your life to the next level
  • Step into your power and do what you were born to do
  • Unleash the magic and magnificence within you

Then this workbook is for you. 

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Want Want To Try The Workbook For Free?


Hit the pink button below to download a FREE page of the workbook. I won’t tell you which one. It’s a surprise! I promise you’ll love it. xo


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Want Want To Try The Workbook For Free?


Hit the pink button below to download a FREE page of the workbook. I won’t tell you which one. It’s a surprise! I promise you’ll love it. xo

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What's Inside


Chapter 1: Cultivate Self-Love

You must first lay down a strong foundation of self-love before you can build a life you love. When you truly love yourself, your life expands and blessings on blessings on blessings are showered upon you. In this chapter, you’ll realize what makes you so magnificent. You’ll raise your vibration and you’ll tap into what your mind, body, and soul need to feel radiant.

Chapter 2: Transform Your Pain

In chapter two, you’ll get intimate with your pain. You’ll learn how to bring your pain to the light and see it through the lens of love. You’ll begin to transform your pain into your power and use it to lift you higher than you’ve ever been before. Divine healing awaits.

Chapter 3: Discover Your Purpose

You’ll uncover the treasures and passions buried within you as you journal your way through this chapter. You’ll find your joy, discover your higher purpose, and ignite a fire in your soul. You’ll end this chapter knowing exactly what you were put on this earth to be and do.

Chapter 4: Clarify Your Vision

Creating a life you love begins with a crystal clear vision. This is the place where you dream really big and envision a future so bright and glowing, you have to wear shades. Here you are co-creating your future reality. You’ll tap into your heart’s true desires and paint a vivid picture of your dream life with your words.

Chapter 5: Release Your Fears

Fear is debilitating. Fear traps you in a life where you keep yourself small. This is where it ends. In this chapter, you’ll bust through the fears that are standing in the way of manifesting your vision and sharing your light with the world. You’ll shine a light on your fears and use them to empower you so that you can rise up, fully step into your power, and own the magnificence that is within you.

Chapter 6: Manifest Your Big Dreams

This is where the magic is ignited. In chapter 6, you’ll learn seven major manifesting principles for manifesting your desires like a boss. You’ll journal through a series of prompts that will help you put these principles into action–asap–because you are way too divine to be living life on the sidelines. This is your time to shine, babe.

It's time to unleash the magic and magnificence within you, babe. Seriously.

How Journaling Has Changed My Life

When I say journaling has completely changed my life, I’m not kidding. I don’t know where I’d be without it. All of the wonderful things in my life, I’ve literally created with the words I’ve written in my journal.

Journaling is my secret weapon for creating a life I love and I want to show you how it can be yours too that’s why I created this workbook. I’ve compiled tons of juicy journaling exercises that will take you on a radical journey of manifesting the life you desire. 

Here’s a peek of the amazingness that I’ve manifested in my life through journaling:

  • I found the love of my life. We’ve been together for almost a decade!
  • I discovered my higher purpose and passion.
  • I created my freedom-fueled business. I can work whenever, wherever, and on whatever my heart desires. 
  • I healed from anxiety and panic attacks. 
  • I manifested my dream Audi car. She drives like a dream. 

This is just an example of what’s available to you when you get clear on your desires and use journaling to help you call them into your reality. 

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Peek Inside the Workbook


Not sure if the workbook is for you? Take a peek inside the first eight pages for free! Just click on the image to see it up close. 


“I loveeeee this workbook! One lesson I’ve actually learned so far is not only are my thoughts not congruent with who I am today, but also my future self. It’s just been an amazing experience. I am excited for more changes to come.”

-Dominique Murphy



What if I'm only interested in one of the chapters?

The topics of each chapter were chosen very strategically. I believe that in order to see success in one area, you also need to address all of the other areas of your life. The chapters in the workbook take you on a journey from cultivating a deeper sense of self-love to manifesting your desires and every journaling prompt is part of that journey.

Can't I just journal on my own?

Of course you can! I highly encourage it. However, to get the most out of your journaling practice requires you to ask yourself the right questions. The questions that will really make you think about things you’ve never thought about or look at things in a different light.

What if I've never journaled before? Is this for me?

Absolutely! The workbook is designed for both journaling newbies and pros. The questions are there for you guiding you along the journaling journey. All you have to do is answer the questions. I’ve taken all the guesswork out of journaling for you.

Let's take your life to the next level. You ready?

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